Vatican City, Italy

The next place I want to introduce everyone to is just outside of Rome. Well technically it is inside of Rome, but it is it’s own city. I am talking about The Vatican or Vatican City. There are few words to describe seeing a city within a city. Not to mention the crowds that were there.

Vatican City

The first thing I will say is get your tickets to enter before you even leave to go to Rome. There are so many people trying to get in that you might have a hard time getting tickets to enter if you wait to the last minute. The second thing I will say is don’t try to see this on your own. The place is massive and can take weeks to see the whole place. Spend a little extra and go on a guided tour. They will take you to the places that you should see and you will get to hear the history of the items around you…and there are plenty of items.

Now I am not Christian but I was still amazed by this place. There is so much history behind the walls and to see so much of it in one place took my breath away. I tried to take pictures of what I could but it is hard as the tour moves kind of fast because there is so much to see.

One big advice I will give is when walking through, besides looking around, look up. The amount of artwork on the ceiling will take your breath away.









As you are walking through this place, you might feel like you are in a museum. What people tend to realize is that people actually live here. The Pope first and foremost calls Vatican City home. In actuality, there are about 1000 people that live in Vatican City.

Some areas that everyone is familiar with in this city is The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. I wish I would show you pictures of the Michelangelo’s work on the ceiling of the Chapel, but you will have to look online for those pictures. Sadly, they don’t allow anyone to photograph the artwork and this is strictly enforced. You also aren’t allowed to speak louder then a whisper and they enforce that. There are workers that walk around and tell people to quiet down when it gets too noisy.

After our tour, we ended at St. Peters Square where the Pope has given many speeches.

Standing there I could only imagine how many people could fill that area. In this picture you can see an obelisk. This obelisk was captured by Caligula and brought over from Egypt. It now act’s as a big sun dial.

Of course, what is a trip to The Vatican without seeing their protectors, The Swiss Guard.

They stand there, without moving and ignoring everyone around them. Reminded me of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

I know this post doesn’t do the place justice. There is just so much to see and only so much time to see it in. I will leave you with some facts about Vatican City.

  1. The Vatican City flag is yellow and white. The yellow side is supposed to represent the popes spiritual power and the white represents his worldly power.
  2. The Vatican City is known for its yearly high wine consumption, with the average estimated as 54 litres per year per person.
  3. The Vatican City first came into existence on 11th February 1929 by the Latrean Treaty.
  4. The Vatican City is known to have the highest crime rate in the world, due to it being such a small state with a lot of people. However, they are only minor crimes such as pick-pocketing .
  5. The Vatican City boasts its own post office, telephone system, flag, national anthem, bank and it issues passports and license plates.

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