Free things to do with Kids this Summer in NYC

NYC is a fun city.  There is always so much to do no matter the time of the year.  But, most things usually cost money so it makes NYC a very expensive city to visit, especially with kids.  There are free things to do if you know where to look.  Here are some things you can do with your children if you are in NYC this summer.  Also, not only are they free, but they are fun.


  • Museums.  There are so many museums in NYC and many will have days where they is no charge.
    • The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum  – From 5 to 9 pm on July 19, Aug 16, Sept 27, and Oct 25  there will be no charge and special programs going on.
    • American Museum of Natural History – This is a pay what you want system so if you choose not to pay, then it doesn’t cost and makes the list.  Where else in the world can your kid see a T-Rex and a giant blue whale for free?
    • Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Yes, there are things to do outside of Manhattan.  This museum has a Pay as you Wish on Thursdays 2-6 pm and Sunday’s 4-7 pm.
    • Staten Island Zoo – Take the ferry which is free and get’s you great picture shots of the Statue of Liberty.  The zoo is free on Tuesdays after 2 pm
    • American Folk Art Museum – Always Free.
    • Many more.  Check out a bigger list here

  • Governors Island
    • There are many things to do here for both the young and not so young.  Between a playground for the kids and hammocks for the adults everyone has something to enjoy.  Take a ride around the island on a bike.  Have a picnic lunch enjoying the views of Manhattan and New Jersey.
  • Street Festivals
    • One thing that is always going on in NYC is the street festival.  Somewhere there is always a street closed off with vendors and food flowing.  There are also ones that have special events.  Check out the list here
  • Parks
    • Whether it is Bryant Park, Central Park, or Alley Pond Park (in Queens) there is always a place to just bring a blanket, stretch out and catch some sun.  Bring a frisbee and toss it around.  Have a catch with your kids (any type of ball will do).  No matter what it is you want to do, you can pretty much do it.  It is also a good time to just relax and enjoy nature, something that isn’t always easy to do in a city that never sleeps.


*This list was taken from Time Out New York.  The full list can be found here



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